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Danny Pucci Goes to Concordia Basel "Holy Cow"

Danny Pucci Goes to Concordia Basel “Holy Cow”

Everything at FC Basel is currently under scrutiny. The new club management is now messing with even its “little brother” Concordia Basel.

The basics in brief

  • The relationship between Concordia Basel and FCB is very strained.
  • FC Basel has already issued a warning to “Congeli” about catering in St. Jakob-Park.

The relationship between Bayern and its “little brother” Concordia Basel has traditionally been very close. Club legends like the Yakin brothers come from “Congeli” offspring.

But with the club’s new leadership around David Degen (38) and Danny Bushey (43), everything is now on the test bench. Bushy New delegate to the board of directorsHe wants to save and turn every stone in the club. Now it doesn’t stop at the sacred cow “Congeli” either.

As knows, the relationship between the two clubs is currently very tense. On the one hand, it has to do with the food at Joggeli.

who – which StadiumCatering is a constant topic of concern for fans and visitors to stadiums in Basel. Long wait times and poor quality are everyday things at Basel football temple. Concordia Basel has been responsible for part of Joggeli’s catering services for many years.

FCB sends warning to ‘little brother’

“Congeli” has now raised a warning from FC Basel at home. This is available on The following points are complained of: disproportionately long waiting times, poor product quality and failure of payment systems. There are also issues with returning reusable cups.

Specifically, in the first match against YB (1:1) The sausage ran out after only 20 minutes. This is what matches the visitors report. Fans also had to queue up for a very long time before they were finally introduced.

Are you satisfied with the catering at Club Basel?

As knows, it has been against home matches YB and the FCZ Bibi received numerous complaints. In both games, Danny Pucci himself was seen in the lanes, inspecting the quality and operation of the “Congeli” platforms.

Concordia president: “This is the responsibility of FC Basel”

Congley president Thomas Steinmann defends himself against these allegations. We said two years ago that such situations would arise. Our capabilities were limited due to the cancellation of the beer corner.”

In addition, WiFi is not working. “That is why the cheap card stations break down regularly. But this is the responsibility of the Basel Club,” says the president. So he pushed the ball back.

It also admits mistakes. Of course, the waiting times are very long, and they do not want to sell cold sausages and warm beer. Steinmann: “But we’ve really apologized for that. We’re working on quality. But since the reopening, we’ve been steadily increasing our per capita sales.” This refutes the claim that people do poorly.

FCB demands money back from ‘Congeli’

But the tree on the knee between FCB and Concordia doesn’t just burn when it comes to catering. The issue of money also causes red heads to emerge: FCB supports Concordia with a significant amount each year. About 160,000 Swiss Franken The club receives from 2 league Inter from FC Basel. ‘Big Brother’ finances junior coach ‘Congeli’.

When reviewing payments made in recent years, the FCB found that not everything seemed to be right. Have Concordia stole more money in the past than the club would have allowed? According to a letter from Bayern, the case is clear: Yes!

Bebbi has placed an order – and he wants about 176,000 Franken return.

Congolese President Thomas Steinmann did not respond to the allegations of inflated bills. Bayern didn’t want to say anything about Concordia Basel.

sequel follows.

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