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Daniela Katzenberger 'Don't Feel Blonde Anymore' - and does a short job

Daniela Katzenberger ‘Don’t Feel Blonde Anymore’ – and does a short job

Updated Jun 3, 2021 at 11:36am

  • Wounds and drastic steps: After the breast lift, there is another big innovation for cats.
  • After 16 years of being a blonde, the 34-year-old finally wants a different hairstyle and color.

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2021 is the year of a fresh start for Daniela Katzenberger. Could the cat have been seen in the last episode of her reality documentary?Daniela Katzenberger – Familienglück auf Mallorca” (Monday, 8:15 p.m., RTLZWEI) Watch them look at themselves Katzenberg has been tightened, the shift is now moving up one floor: the hair must secure it. “I want something prettier. After 16 years I no longer feel blond,” the 34-year-old declared, upset.

She also no longer likes her clip-on accessories. “It’s always a little yellow, isn’t it? From hair color like Bart Simpson and hair color like Otto Walx,” Daniela paddles over her hairstyle. When she looks in the mirror, she always feels like she’s looking at “sunny Sabine,” says the cat.

Katzenberger: “What if I regret it?”

But this has to end now, the hairdresser’s visit is booked. Shortly before Daniela put herself in the hands of two hairdressers, she was struck by a blow: “What if I regret it?”

Husband Lucas is also skeptical about his wife’s marketing opportunities: “People in Germany only know you with blonde hair. If they say: ‘This is not Danina anymore’, that would be bad.”

Everything should be different with Daniela Katzenberger. At least a little.


But there is no going back for Daniela. Three hours later, the result was clear – Lucas flashed: “If I didn’t know her already, I would have said: Wow, what a wonderful chick!”

And Daniela herself? She also liked her new hairstyle, which – on the heart side – is a lot less extreme than what she declared herself. Only the roots are brown and blonde looks a little different and cooler. Daniela: “Now I’m ‘Edel-Edith’ instead of ‘Solarium-Sabine’!”

Daniela Katzenberger, Family Happiness in Mallorca, Lucas Cordales, RTLZWEI, Reality, TV, Blonde
Instead of hydrogen blonde, Danny wants a “nobler hair color.”


Danny wants a pink Harley

but that is not all. Daniela is already on her way to new beaches: “I’ve always wanted to ride a motorcycle!” , as you say. Lucas tells the questioner again: “I think Danny can’t handle a motorcycle. What does she do with her hair, nails, and shoes?” But by then, Danny was already sitting on the motorcycle, with the guidance of a driving instructor who once taught her how to drive a car at hard hours.

He soon noticed that it wouldn’t necessarily be easier this time: “There’s the clutch? I thought everything was happening on the handlebars: how should I remember all this?” Danny says, overwhelmed. But after a short walk in the parking lot, the cat is having a lot of fun. “That’s a bit of freedom. At some point I’m going to get a fat Harley, like that pink one.”

Daniela Katzenberger, Family Happiness in Mallorca, Lucas Cordales, RTLZWEI, Reality, TV, Blonde
But that’s not all: Danny also booked a shop to test ride a motorcycle.


Radiant knickers and radioactive pictures

Last but not least, Daniela dares something new: she wants to be photographed seductively. To do this, I secretly booked an appointment with a photographer specializing in erotic photos – to Lucas’ surprise with the result. When greeting, Danny is usually direct: “I know you specialize in such sexy MILF photos, right?” She says and smiles.

She brought recently purchased underwear with her for the photo session. The cat usually shivers while wearing comfortable sports underwear – much to the chagrin of her husband: “Lucas always says my panties are so old that they’re really radioactive,” laughs Danny. But the photographer skillfully paints the cat.

Lucas receives photos on a boat trip. Surprise: successful. “Cool, hammer, baby,” Lucas is more than excited. He then praises Danny: “The outside is a bombshell, but you can also feel it light up from the inside.” Anyway, Daniela is happy – for now: “I now have a completely different feeling for my body.” Let’s see how long that lasts. (the classroom)
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