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Danger for Android users: New malware targets your banking details

Danger for Android users: New malware targets your banking details

A new piece of malware found in the Google Play Store targets banking details. Here we tell you why this could become more dangerous for Android users soon.

Android users need to be careful. Because the new Trojan is currently doing mischief in many apps in the Google Play Store. Like the experts of “Threatfabric” to reportThe malware, called “Xenomorph”, targets users who do online banking. The malware is designed in such a way that it can read data. The goal of the developers is to steal bank data, take over accounts and process transfers.

For now, there is still a bit of complete clarity for Android users. Because “Xenomorph” is still in an early stage of development. Currently, it is possible that malware only intercepts SMS messages. The messages are then scanned for one-time logins and passwords to take over accounts from different services.

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Trojan attacks Android users: where does “Xenomorph” come from?

"xenomorph" It attacks Android users via Play Store.
“Xenomorph” attacks Android users via the Play Store.


The experts at Threadfabric also asked themselves this question. According to the analysis, “Xenomorph” came to the Play Store via a smartphone booster app. This promised users to increase the performance of the cell phone. However, in the background, the app can grant itself more access rights and thus introduce malware on your Android smartphone.

It is not yet possible to say when “Xenomorph” will become a real problem in Internet banking. It is also questionable how widespread malware actually is.

If you want to protect yourself, you should only download apps from Google Play Store which have many positive reviews and do not give any questionable results even with verification through search engines.