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Dabrowski: "They brought real strength to the pitch"

Dabrowski: “They brought real strength to the pitch”

With only 15 goals scored, Hannover 96 (next to bottom Ingolstadt) is the weakest attack in the second division. Against Gladbach, Lower Saxony shone 3-0 in the cup – and they were happy afterwards.

Strong save: Ron Robert Zeller thwarts a chance for Florian Neuhaus (left).
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“I’m very happy with the result and also my team’s performance. I think it was deserved in the end. It was an exciting cup match. The players put real strength on the pitch. We tried to play forward too. He allowed one or the other, but he had Ron (Keeper Zieler; editor) In the goal, which made sure there was a zero. I am completely satisfied and proud of the team, “explained coach Christoph Dabrowski after the match.

Sebastian Kirk, who scored Hanover 2-0 with a penalty, saw it this way: “If you look at the course of the match, it’s a well deserved result. We were all surprised, and Gladbach didn’t show us much. We played it well and calmly.”

“Simply the perfect cup evening”

The coach rightly praised Zeller, who was a match-winner in 96 thanks to a few strong saves – along with double top scorer Maximilian Pierre – who was delighted after the match that was written all over his face. “It was just a perfect cup evening for us. But we must not forget: it was really hard work, we did really well with and against the ball. It was a real cup match. Of course I’m also happy about my own performance, but most importantly. is that we’ve made progress and everything is off.”

In fact, the match against the Bundesliga club was Zeller’s second appearance after an injury that lasted several months. The goalkeeper said: “I’ve been out for 13 weeks, it has not been an easy time. It’s really good to be back on the pitch. That’s good for me.”

The target and the teacher

For the 32-year-old, reaching the quarter-finals of the Cup is also a milestone in his career, because Zeller has never been in the top eight with one of his clubs: “The valuation of the Cup has not been great. I have been waiting for it for so long. It is Really cool, it’s a nice feeling. It’s a pity that there were no fans there, they were going to demolish the hut today.”