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Cybertruck, Semi and roadster coming in 2023>

Production of the Tesla Model Y for the USA began in March 2020 a little earlier than expected, and in China it got off to a good start from the beginning of 2021, and even the German Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin started differently than some experts in the German approval system were not afraid Only a moderate delay. Tesla’s Next Factory Opened in Texas on Thursday The Model Y was produced, perhaps for the first time worldwide, with a 4680 . battery. On the other hand, Tesla has been keeping customers waiting for many other models for years — but as CEO Elon Musk explained at the Gigafactory launch in Texas, the system has.

Tesla is in a different position than 2023

This year Tesla is still busy with expansion, he explained in his evening “Cyber ​​Rodeo” speech to the Gigafactory in Texas with several thousand visitors. As Musk also mentioned, growing as fast as possible will remain the dominant driver at Tesla for a long time to come, but for 2022, he was only referring to currently available models and especially the Model Y. He already attributed the potential to this in April 2021, becoming the best-selling car of Any class in the world.

With additional plants in Grünheide and Austin, Tesla increasingly has the production capacity for: Both are designed for 500,000 Ys annually And it is added to the capacity at the main plant in Fremont and China, which together is at least high. This makes a potential production of over 1.5 million Model Y annually once the two new giant plants are augmented. The world’s best-selling ex-Toyota Corolla was sold about 1.1 million times in 2020.

Reaching that size has been a priority for Tesla so far, CEO Musk explained at the electronic rodeo on Thursday. Musk said the rest of 2022 still had something to do with it, but he announced a different situation at Tesla for next year: in 2023 there will be a “massive wave of new products.” He listed them briefly beforehand, without the restrictive phrases he usually likes to use: “We’ll be in production with the Cybertruck next year, and we’ll be in production with the Roadster and Semi. It all comes together,” the Tesla boss explained.

500,000 Cybertrucks from Giga Texas

He was more committed than he was on the conference call at the end of January, wanting to give a product update, and Also named 2023 for all three premium Tesla models, but with “hopefully”. The safest of these appears to be the Cybertruck, with Tesla chief design officer Franz von Holzhausen driving the prototype to Musk on stage (see photo above). In addition, the CEO previously mentioned that the pickup truck will also be produced at the Texas plant from 2023. After the increase, it was said that it would reach 1 million vehicles per year, which would mean the same number of cyber trucks with 500,000 Model Y. However, for models Roadster and Semi, Tesla must start another plant or accessory if it is also to be produced from 2023.