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Cyber ​​Manhunt 2 proves that concerns about artificial intelligence can be dealt with in a fun way

Cyber ​​Manhunt 2 proves that concerns about artificial intelligence can be dealt with in a fun way

Could it be that we're currently preoccupied with our own pile of shame and that so many indie films are landing on our screens? Admittedly, the selection is very good, not least thanks to Animal Well, Indika and Hades 2, but unfortunately one or two good games are still unfinished. I wanted to bring your attention to one of these games today because it shifts the focus from quick gameplay or art to clever puzzle designs. Where the Chinese developer Aluba Studio Here he commits himself to a moral depth that always reminds us of the miserable consequences Black mirror He remembers. And with the themes surrounding artificial intelligence, the game couldn't be more era-appropriate.

Cyber ​​Manhunt: New World caught my attention for the second time with its recent Early Access release, after my interest was piqued with its first demo last November. It is practical that, despite the number in the name, you do not necessarily have to know the predecessor, because apart from some references in the later chapters of the game, we solve cases of various crimes in a city not very far away. the future. Overall, the UI and tone immediately remind me of the German play Orwell, which I found an interesting style at the time; But this game goes further than that, as you'll quickly notice in the video above.

Cyberstalking: A New World

Allivia is the name of the neon-covered city in which we accept a job offer from the huge Titan conglomerate. Evolution: We detectives who constantly fish data about individuals from the Internet, hack into private conversation histories, mislead people during the greatest strokes of their fate with artificial voices from those close to them, manipulate national news or feed court hearings with evidence – are in fact artificial intelligence without awareness. We certainly have no semblance of a moral compass. This is exactly what often raises interesting questions that remain even outside the game.

Unfortunately, Cyber ​​Manhunt 2 is currently only available in English or Chinese, and there are no German scripts, though you'll basically have to read them. Reading comprehension is crucial to solving cases, although we hope this will be modified a bit during the EA phase, because in some places you have to resort to good old 'trial and error' in order to uncover all the clues. The comedy style and English voice acting also seem crude in places, but they don't relieve much of the tension and thankfully don't get in the way of a story full of twists and turns.

The demo has the first two cases, the EA version has four, and six should eventually be available. So it's worth taking a look at the demo if you're interested in the topic.