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Cyber ​​scammers deal with Luca Haney

Cyber ​​scammers deal with Luca Haney

Cyber ​​crooks attack his fans in the name of Luca Hanni. Unfortunately, this is nothing new for the singer.

The basics in brief

  • Luca Hänni has become a victim of bad scammers.
  • On his behalf, these fans asked for the money to be transferred.

with fellow singer Beatrice Egli (33) It happened recently. Now Luca Haney (27 years old) is also a victim. More specifically, his followers.

What happened?

Letters have been written to Hännis fans on social media to transfer money to the singer, “Blick”.

“I’m really trying to get close to some of my fans here, which is why I created this private and personal account,” she said. written? However, Luca Haney definitely does not have this message.

“Very strange warning, fake site! Aiaiai! Hani warns his fans. He reveals that the successful Bernese singer suffers from such profiles time and time again.

Just like Schlagerstar a few weeks ago Beatrice Egli. Schwyzerin has also been a victim of bad cyber scammers. Just like her fans Hanspeter S. from Bern.

He transferred a whopping $80,000 to a wedding swindler Francs!

“Unfortunately, there is a gang that writes to people with my name and my pictures,” Egli said at the time. Instagram.

“They tell them how bad I am and that I need help. It is really exciting, because they do it in a very smart way.”

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