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Cute building project: Dad builds a Tiny House for his daughter (13)

Cute building project: Dad builds a Tiny House for his daughter (13)

with a kitchen

Father builds his own plane for his daughter (13)

A Hungarian father built a tiny house in the shape of an airplane for his daughter. The mini plane also has real airplane seats – and a kitchen.


Lozja and her father, Balash Bados, on the wing of the small plane.

Zsuzsa Darab

Lujza Pados is a teenager from Zala (region) in Hungary. The 13-year-old loves to travel – especially on planes. When she wanted a little house for herself and her sisters, it soon became clear that it had to have something to do with airplanes.

Her father, Palash Badus, was initially mildly enthusiastic about the idea. “I thought it was a crazy idea, such a complicated and expensive project,” Balazs told Insider. However, he agreed to support his daughter in the realization of the project.

It looks like an oversized flying toy, but it’s a playhouse for a 13-year-old.

Zsuzsa Darab

Architectural office support

With her father’s approval, Lujza enlisted the help of Hungarian architecture firm Hello Wood, which has already overseen other small home projects. Tamás Fülöp of Hello Wood says he immediately liked the idea: “It’s definitely the most fun cabin we’ve ever built. Building a beautiful home is a challenge for an architect.”

“Building a ‘nice’ house is a challenge for an architect,” says Tamás Fülöp of Hello Wood.

Zsuzsa Darab

With the support of the architectural office, the Flugi house was completed in just a few months. Luzja was of course included in the planning of the project and was allowed to bring in drawings of how she imagined the house. The final project looks like a large scale toy plane.

The interior is like a real plane

So that the tiny house also looked like a real Flugi, the architects took their cues from the interior of the large planes. There is a handy luggage rack for storage as well as real airplane seats. “It was important to us to have the same atmosphere inside as outside. We’re not building a house, we’re building an airplane,” Fulop told Insider.

Inside the cabin there is storage space that resembles the carry-on luggage compartments and real airplane seats.

Zsuzsa Darab

The cottage has an area of ​​19 square meters, including a kitchenette, a sitting area, a bathroom, and a double bed. By the way, this is located in the cockpit. To make the Tiny House look more like an airplane, it stands on stilts – just like airplanes stand a little higher on landing gear. The family is silent on the exact costs of the project, says Father Badoz, but the original budget has been exceeded.

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