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Customers Complain: They Always Have Cumulus Credit Card Problem

The chaos accumulated in Migros

Annoy loyal customers when switching to a Cumulus credit card

Migros brought Cumulus’ credit card business into the business. But the change from Cembra to Bank of the Orange Giant does not go smoothly for everyone.


Switching from an old Cembra Cumulus credit card…

Christian Colby

The mess built up at Migros because of the Cumulus credit card: Even after more than six weeks from the start, customer complaints haven’t subsided. Readers also report regularly to Blick, where they report the failed move from Cembra Money Bank to Migros Bank and express their anger out loud.

Financial portal «Insideparadeplatz» Comes a devastating verdict: The start with the new Cumulus credit card was “unsuccessful.” Current problem: The 3D Secure App for secure online shopping has been built all over the world, but it doesn’t always work with Migros Bank Cumulus credit card.