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Currently. Yellowstone National Park in the United States has been severely flooded.

Manual – Floods erode the banks of the Yellowstone River, endangering homes and garages. Photo: Sam Glotzbach / AP / dpa – Attention: For current reporting until June 28, 2022 for editorial use only and with full name above:

The main stone

Due to heavy rain and flooding, Yellowstone National Park in the United States will remain closed to all visitors until further notice. Park management spoke Monday about a “record flood” that swept away roads and bridges. He also warned of rocks, landslides and “very dangerous conditions” in the park. Many were brought to safety and the gates were closed.

“The floodwaters have receded and we know when the park will open, and we can estimate the damage throughout the park,” the park operator said. The park will be strictly closed until at least Wednesday. Yellowstone National Park is located almost exclusively in Wyoming, but extends as far as Idaho and Montana.