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Curling M in Lillehammer - After defeat against Scotland: Swiss firstborn threatened - Sports

Curling M in Lillehammer – After defeat against Scotland: Swiss firstborn threatened – Sports


A few hours after de Cruz and Company’s 1:7 defeat, the women were clearly defeated by the Scottish leaders.

The Swiss first-born suffered their third defeat in their eighth match at the European Championships in Lillehammer. The surrounding team Skip Silvana Terenzoni surrendered against the leaders from Scotland after 8 finishes with a score of 2:7. This means that the quartet can only reach the semi-finals with outside help. While Terrenzoni and his partners have to beat Italy, they still count on the Czechs to beat Germany.

The endings 5 ​​and 6 were fatal to the Swiss woman, firstly, Switzerland had to steal a stone from her. Two more were added because the fourth Alina Pätz missed the last stone at the sixth end. The team pulled around Skip Eve Muirhead to 5:1, couldn’t get away with that advantage and celebrated a seventh victory in Norway shortly afterwards.

Geneva also depends on outside help

Like the Swiss women, the CC Geneva men around Skip Peter De Cruz won’t be able to progress on their own. Assuming they win their last-round match against Germany on Thursday afternoon, the Swiss will only reach the semi-finals if the Italian side lose to the ambitious Finnish side, who are relegated to the second division. The probability of that is low. Geneva will miss a medal for the second time in its tenth major tournament (World Cup, European Championship, Olympics).

The team on Wednesday showed two faces with Valentine Tanner, Peter de Cruz, Sven Michel and Benoit Schwartz. So the Swiss were inferior to World Cup runners-up Scotland led by Skip Bruce Mowat in the 7-1 defeat, so they outperformed the Danish team led by Mikkel Krause in the evening. In the fifth end, the Swiss stole 5 stones, and in the sixth finish the Danes surrendered at 2:12.