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Die Erforschung von Curious Expedition 2 und die Roboterpiraten von SteamWorld Heist treffen aufeinander

Curious Expedition 2 and SteamWorld Heist’s robotic hacker collide

Thunderful and Maschinen-Mensch are pleased to announce that roguelike, Curious Expedition 2, is back with the announcement of Robots of Lux DLC in collaboration with SteamWorld Heist from Image & Form Games, slated for a September 15, 2022 release for Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox consoles. And PlayStation is more interesting.

In Robots of Lux DLC, explorers take control of two new characters, including everyone’s favorite steam-powered pirate, Captain Piper Faraday and a Naturalist, a new hero in the world of Curious Expedition 2.

In Curious Expedition 2: Robots of Lux, you must push the boundaries of technology and science and find your way through Paris to discover new facts. The always creative nature of Edibot from Lux Lab has punched a hole in the world of SteamWorld and brought with it some new explorers. In Curious Expedition 2: Robots of Lux, players can take control of the famous steam-powered pirate, Captain Piper Faraday.

The DLC also introduces Expedition Leader Naturalist, a new character that enriches the world of Curious Expedition 2. The Naturalist has the power to tame wild animals, and this new ability will transform the approach to any adventure, adding a wild and unexpected twist to your encounters.

This co-op also features new recruitable characters, a new location in Paris, new equipment, and new items. Once activated, DLC expands the possibilities throughout the game, in both campaign and outlet modes.

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