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Cuban President reaffirms his commitment to anti-racism – Brenza Latin

The President, through his official Twitter account, outlined the National Plan against Racism and Racial Discrimination approved by the Council of Ministers in November 2019, which aims to identify the causes of the problem and identify measures to be taken by the economy, the branch and the region. And community.

One of the aims of the government is to spread the historical-cultural traditions of Africa and other groups as part of Cuba’s diversity, to promote public debate on the issue within political, mass and social organizations, and to have them in the media. .

“We will face the opportunities of discrimination in our society and make further progress in the work of liberation from revolution,” Theas-Colonel stressed.

According to the State Department, Cuba is an ethnic, inclusive and mestico nation that “builds the strength of our identity as a nation.”

Promoting intolerance and hegemonic thinking on the basis of ‘no institutionalized racial discrimination’, and ‘hatred forgiveness, national, religious or racial origin, and racism’ is alien to political, social and cultural life. The country’s economy, ‘the report said.

In particular, this evidence reminds us that there is no division in access to key positions in the state and government, and that 41 percent of the delegates to parliament are black or mestizo skin people.

The current Constitution of the Republic endorses and strengthens the recognition and protection of the right to equality so that all people enjoy the same rights, freedoms and opportunities without discrimination, which are prohibited and permitted by law.

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is celebrated every March 21 to commemorate the 69 people who were killed by police in 1960 during a peaceful protest against the racist pass law in force in South Africa.

The United Nations has pointed out on its website that the theme for 2021 is ‘Youth Uprising Against Racism’, which aims to promote a global culture of tolerance, equality and discrimination.

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