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Cuban baseball player Cesar Prieto escapes to the United States

Cuban baseball player Cesar Prieto escapes to the United States

DrEscape was ready for a movie. As soon as the team bus to the hotel in West Palm Beach stopped, Cesar Prieto, with all his team gear, seized the opportunity. Cuban ran and ran into a waiting car. Now the Cuban baseball team has lost one of its greatest talents. This is not the first time that Cuban athletes have used an event on American soil to flee.

Knowledge has never been more valuable

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As a rule, this is based on consultants who want to place their clients in the highly paid Major League Baseball (MLB). With “Elevantes de Cienfuegos” in Cuba, Prieto made a name for himself as a hitter and player. Internationally, he was noticed by a professional audience and talent scouts with a solid performance at the Pan American Games in Lima 2019. The fact that Prieto’s escape was perfectly planned indicates that there is also a concrete plan for his future.

The MLB and the Cuban League already signed an agreement in 2018 that would enable players aged 25 and over or young talent to legally move to the United States for a transfer fee in order to prevent dangerous runaways. In fact, even then, Cuban players had been fleeing to the United States on adventurous ways. But Donald Trump acknowledged the deal again in 2019 as part of a tighter sanctions policy.

The theme of escape is more modern than ever

Cuban MLB star Randy Arrosarina once reported on his experiences while on the run: “When you’re at sea, you just think about it and hope to get there safely.” There are people who have to hold out at sea for days or months. And others who fail and drown.