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CS in major crises, management launches updated slogan

CS in major crises, management launches updated slogan

Coming to CS next week Disastrous results in the first quarter send. Legal costs alone rose to 700 million in January-March, in addition to 200 million Russian copiers.

Not on the man – what does management do? It’s slide brushes.

with German cost Matbour Agency She updated her writing with stylized sails.

equal height (CS, IP)

The changes are minor. The letters “C” and “S” in Credit Suisse are no longer a bit larger, but they go along with the rest of the letters in the name.

If you don’t know, you won’t notice the difference. Anyway, no one reacted when CS actually used its new logo for the 2021 Annual Report.

Find the two differences (CS, IP)

A nationwide rollout is now the order of the day. In the coming months, every new door sign, every business card, and every Powerpoint slide will be equipped with a minimally changed logo, which is hard to see with the naked eye.

A gigantic exercise, even if the old signs have changed. It wasn’t planned, says CS, and she talks about “coexistence” and “cost awareness.”

Thus, the mentioned actions will not result in any additional costs to the bank. The investments were to be cost-neutral by discontinuing the actions of other brands,” says the spokesperson.

CS last underwent a major revamp of the logo in 2004 under its then-CEO Oswald Grobel – after the bank overcame its major crisis in developing countries.

Alert, electric shock (CS Paradeplatz, IP)

So now the next one, less important. CS is back in stormy seas.

But instead of driving the ship quickly in calm waters with the crew, the senior group takes care of the finer points of their clothing.

At the worst possible time that seems obvious. However no one communicates internally.

The reason may be the distribution of power. Responsible for the logo process is mitigation Roman Reichelt A confidant of CS CEO Thomas Gotstein.

When will his profile be updated? (Richelt, LinkedIn)

Richelt from Migros came to Big Bank 3 years ago and is a dynamic advertising and marketing force. He immediately received the title of managing director, and since the summer of 2020 he became the CEO of global marketing at CS.

A far-reaching mission, a global responsibility. And now the new logo.

It could be Reichelt’s largest project to date, however it runs through the entire bank.

Every new leaf, every new door, every new sign seasoned in the most remote corners of the global house of money.

2021, 2022, 2057 – who cares? (CS)

Exercising at the wrong time with a small boom in the logo seems questionable because CS makes network errors that make you speechless.

This is how her Swiss daughter praises her Italian language site For the most famous “Investment Prospects 2021 – Vivere guardando avanti”.

Slight shift in time – by 12 months.

It could happen, but a correction was expected after more than a quarter of the new year. In any case, the incorrect year does not consistently witness a great deal of attention to detail. Doesn’t any intern look at the site?