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CS brings Züri image rotated 180 degrees

CS brings Züri image rotated 180 degrees

View towards Quaibrücke, with Fraumünster, Bauschänzli, behind the lake. Left and right bank.

Very familiar, but somewhat wrong: The background image of Credit Suisse on the Internet, on the highly regarded page with ruined quarterly numbers, looks wrong.

that it. Someone has wrapped the picture. flipped 180 degrees.

Left, Right, Who Cares (CS, IP)

To the left of Limmat is the Fraumünster with its characteristic pointed ceiling, as well as the Bauschänzli Restaurant. The Bellevue Hotel is on the right hand side.

It should be just the opposite. If you look toward the lake from Limmat, you’ll find Bellevue on the left and Fraumünster on the right.

It seems that someone in the field of marketing or communications in the financial multinational with its 50,000 employees turned the picture on the computer without further ado.

Why is unknown.

One thing is for sure: no one noticed, and no one in the entire hierarchy stopped displaying the wrong image.

Credit Suisse, founded almost 170 years ago as the Schweizerische Kreditanstalt and considered the original bank in Zurich: it no longer knows its homeland.

the details? shit happen?

One can dismiss the error as required. But it fits the company’s constitution. Small-scale grievances reflect large-scale problems.

The modified logo has also not been used properly for a long time. Many seem to only care about themselves rather than the company.

Controls, detail work seems to be in short supply.

Above all, there is no reaction. When asked what happened to the image reflected on the important site, there was no answer yesterday.

Everything is on vacation or busy with more important things.