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Criticize this statement

Criticize this statement

Prince Harry is encouraging people around the world to quit their jobs if their mental health suffers. For his words returned to the surface.

The basics in brief

  • Britain’s Prince Harry threw in the towel in 2020 and has lived in the US ever since.
  • In an interview, he encourages fans to do the same.
  • Millionaire received a lot of criticism for this reason.

In fact, Prince Harry, 37, only had good intentions, but he was once again ridiculed for his recent comments.

In an interview with “Fast Company” magazine Meghan Markle’s husband (40) Concerning de-stigmatizing mental health.

So far, so good. Only: In conversation, the Duke encourages his supporters to quit jobs that “don’t deliver”.

Lots of people around the world have been doing this and putting their mental health and happiness first. “This is something to celebrate,” said the twice-incumbent father, who resigned from his royal duties at the start of 2020.

Are you happy with your job?

Prince Harry is being mocked

Get on social media Advisor for his words on the surface. Content: For a prince who indulges in luxury, such things are said simply.

“What about hospital staff, hotel staff, and people who are just grateful that they worked? Prince Harry has no idea how the working class lives. It’s a joke,” he scoffs Twitter-user.

Another laughs: “Millionaire Prince Harry, who has never had a real business in his life. And no need to worry about the bills, which say cancelled. Careers Joy makes you (…) Please let it stop! “

“Not everyone has 30 million pounds in the bank,” says a third.

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