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Criticism of mandatory testing in companies: "It's like declaring bankruptcy"

Criticism of mandatory testing in companies: “It’s like declaring bankruptcy”

The Southwest economy has harshly criticized stricter testing requirements at companies and called on employees to be more responsible. “No one can yet really estimate how much mandatory testing offers for companies will really bring,” said Per Michael Dick, “But things are really faltering again: confidence in the credibility of the policy of this federal government is close to zero,” the general manager of the businessman in Baden-Württemberg, Württemberg , On Wednesday in Stuttgart.

From a business perspective, it would have been better to ask employees to test themselves or to test themselves. “It’s like declaring bankruptcy when government parties no longer dare to do the right thing, just because then they have to stand on the feet of the employees – and the voters.”

Dick added that experience shows “that test offers are receiving more cautious acceptance by employees than may be necessary from an infection control standpoint.”

A test frame can be seen for corona testing. | Photo: Jens Bttner / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa / photo icon

The new Corona Occupational Health and Safety Law entered into force, on Tuesday, which requires companies to submit at least one rapid test for all employees who attend weekly. On Wednesday, the Federal Cabinet decided that companies should run two coronavirus tests a week.

If possible, the business owner should allow their employees to work from home and usually the employees have to accept this as well.