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Critic Piers Morgan Will Be Wife for a Job

Critic Piers Morgan Will Be Wife for a Job

Piers Morgan has not appeared on television since his harsh criticism of Meghan Markle. But for his old job, he would have accepted a lot.

The basics in brief

  • Piers Morgan makes fun of his former employer ITV.
  • Since his departure, Good Morning Britain’s ratings have plummeted.
  • Meghan’s critic was doing a lot to get his old job back.

after Anger erupts on live TV Piers Morgan, 56, was forced to vacate his position with British broadcaster ITV. now previous-Supervisor From Good Morning Britain mocking his former employer. Because: The ratings fell after his passing.

In the “Daily Mail” –vertical He writes: “Good Morning Britain ratings have fallen to an all-time low. Only 451,000 people watched the Wednesday show with Adil Ray, who was sitting on my old chair.”

Meghan Markle: Piers Morgan dealt with her shamelessly

ITV now want the chair with them broadcaster reoccupy. Morgan finds this very amusing. “I’m ready to define myself as a woman to re-rank the rating to a peak at 1.9 million,” he boasts.

Morgan is known for his harsh opinions and is probably Meghan’s greatest critic of all time. He repeatedly blasphemed on TV the ex-actress (39 years old) and her husband Prince Harry (36). but that Oprah Scandal Interview Barrel break.

Should Piers Morgan apologize to Meghan Markle?

The next day, the sharp-tongued railway set off Supervisor In the morning it was shown that Megan Markle’s allegations were sunk and lies. He did not buy her suicidal thoughts.

After harsh criticism, Morgan was asked to apologize, but instead threw in the towel.

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