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Creepy four-legged friends: Australian soldiers control killer robot dogs with thought

Really scary or awesome? The Australian military has reportedly perfected mind control and now controls its robot dogs via a “brain-robot interface platform”.

Australian military uses mind-controlled robot dogs Image: AdobeStock / MrWizard (icon image)

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie: players controlling a robot dog with their minds as they patrol a dusty street and sweep a dilapidated building might seem like a vision of the future, but that future is closer than you think. The Australian Army has perfected mind control with eight sensors in its helmet that work with Microsoft’s HoloLens. About the “killer robot dogs,” as they’re called, the British “Daily Mail“.

Soldiers control robotic dogs with their minds

The innovation consists of an AI decoder that converts a soldier’s brain signals into interpretable instructions that are sent to the robotic quadruped, allowing the human to focus on their surroundings. A new video shows military personnel conducting a simulated patrol evacuation with a robotic dog instructed to search for a facility based on a person’s brainwave readings — and with a reported 94 percent accuracy.

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This is how the Australian military’s “killer robot dogs” work

The system was developed by the University of Technology Sydney, which first published the innovation last year and recently published a new review. According to a paper published by the American Chemical Society on March 16, the user used an “advanced brain-robot interface platform (APRI) to control robotic systems.” Humans only have to imagine the direction in which the robot should move, and the machine follows. This technology allows players to control battle-ready robots hands-free. Really scary or awesome? Decide for yourself.

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