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Credit Suisse: Mitte supports the Swiss share of bank chiefs

SVP Idea ‘Worth Checking’

The center shows sympathy for the Swiss stake among bank chiefs

Should the boards of big banks be majority Swiss after the Credit Suisse debacle? The senior vice president’s advances are met with sympathy in the middle.


“Systemic banks must become more Swiss,” believes Philipp Matthias Bregi, leader of the Mitte parliamentary group.

20 minutes / Monica Fluekler

  • The SVP wants to force systemically important companies to have more Swiss nationals on the board.

  • The idea met with an astonishing amount of approval. The proposal is worth examining, found Mitte parliamentary group leader Philipp Matthias Bregi.

  • The FDP’s national advisor Hans-Peter Portmann is more conservative. Companies rely on international knowledge.

How then after the fall Credit Suisse? Politicians discuss possible regulations to prevent a similar situation from occurring in the future. The senior vice president pushed forward on Friday with a majority board requirement You have a red passport He should.

“If managers from Singapore or the USA lead our company against the wall, they will be over the mountains the next day,” explained National Consultant Thomas Matter. The gentleman from Zurich is not alone in this view in the Bundeshaus.

Mitte Bregi: “Reducing risks for taxpayers”

“Systemic banks must become more ‘Swiss’,” says Philipp Matthias Bregi, leader of the Mitte parliamentary group. In this respect, the proposal is worth considering.” Valais mentions that the Companies Act already defines such provisions.

“The goal should be to reduce the risk to taxpayers,” Brigi says. In this context, micro investment banking in the United States should also be discussed.

It appears that former CS boss Tidjane Thiam did not do the international coaches any favors with an article on the current situation. Instead, looking back, he praises his own work in the years 2015 to 2020. “In the years since, a lot has gone wrong,” he complains.

FDP Portmann upset with Tidjane Thiam

This led to the dismay of the FDP’s national advisor Hans-Peter Portmann. “What Mr. Thiam has recorded is very disturbing. But that is characteristic of the Anglo-Saxon banking culture in which he grew up,” says the banker.
However, he is defending himself against rushing shots and poor organization after the CS debacle.

Portman dodged the senior vice president’s advances. “Big Swiss companies are very active internationally. This requires Swiss knowledge, but also international boardroom experience,” says Portman. Systemically important companies should not “suffocate oxygen.” These must be able to operate profitably. After all, equity can only be built through profits. .

It is therefore necessary to clarify whether regulations such as restrictions on voting rights or regulations on board composition can make investments very unattractive, according to Portman.

Vice President hopes that Parliament already in the special session to Credit Suisse in April. Then there will probably be other ideas like that Swiss business spin-off It caused heated discussions.

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