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Creativity kicks off: New Eastergg turns Google search results into a Martian landscape

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The landing of the Mars Rover Perseverance was a hot topic nearly two months ago and now the associated “helicopter” has been allowed to take off for the first time. The drone took off yesterday, April 19 cleverness They completed their first test flight and Google now has a new one to match Easter in the web search Open. This turns the search results into a landscape of Mars and allows the drone to take off.

Google io outbreak easteregg

Google places over and over again Easter Holiday And the Small toys In products that are often not discovered except by chance and delight users. Suitable for the first flight of the Mars drone cleverness Google has now switched the new Easteregg trajectory that simulates this autonomous flight over the surface of Mars. In the following screenshot you can see what it looks like.

Google websuche prowess Easter

To summon this Easter egg you just have to enter the search query cleverness Submit and then click on the drone symbol in the knowledge graph. Then the web search turns red, the earth moves up and the drone takes off. It flies slightly randomly, will not land, and will not take a designated path. You can then watch it for a long time or finish it all over again.

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