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Crazy VAR Display and Magic Help! Russia and the United States in waves of victory

Crazy VAR Display and Magic Help! Russia and the United States in waves of victory

Strange scenes in the afternoon!

In the American boys ’2-1 win over Norway, video evidence was again at the center. In the second third, when the score was 1-0, the North Americans wanted to use the power play for the next goal. (World Cup 2021: All Games and Results)

Trevor Moore worked hard on the left side of the Norwegian goal and brought the goal past the buck – but Emil Lilleberg blocked the goal. And then it’s weird.

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While Lilberg was holding the buck among the runners, Connor Garland flew in and netted with another Norwegian defender. Lilberg flew high over the American striker. (Everything you need to know about the 2021 World Cup)

The referees saw no target, but decided to look at the scene on the monitor one more time. It was only after several minutes that they concluded that it was not the usual goal.

VAR USA blocks hearing

Carland, who was able to score 1-0 in the eleventh minute, slipped the stick forward towards the side, but only pushed it into the goal with his hand.

But the American boys did not cope with the long-running setback. Five minutes later (28th), Dage Thompson increased to 2-0.

The Norwegian players tried to turn the game around, but the only goal came in the 55th minute through Ken Andre Olymp.

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This temporarily puts the United States at the top of the German team. Norway, on the other hand, no longer have a chance at the quarterfinals.

Russia wins with the help of magic

Russia defeated Switzerland 1: 4. This is already the tenth bankruptcy for the Confederates against Sorbanaja at the World Championships.

The Swiss were at eye level for the entire game, but one of the final three crazy minutes ended the game in favor of the Russians.

After a goal from Anton Burdasso in second and third place (35th), Russia advanced to the final with a 1-0 lead. Nico Hishier equalized in the 48th minute.


But then Anton Slebyshev started with a magic aid while sitting on the renewed leadership of Sorbanaja (50th). Sergei Tolkiensky then (52nd) took the decision before Dolcinsky finished his second goal in the empty net.

Russia leads Group B with 12 points. Switzerland are currently in second place with nine points.

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