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Court of Appeals rules - Texas' strict abortion law temporarily back in effect - News

Court of Appeals rules – Texas’ strict abortion law temporarily back in effect – News

  • A Texas appeals court has temporarily reinstated the state’s very strict abortion law.
  • The court granted a request from the state of Texas on Friday night.

Only on Wednesday did a Texas judge temporarily suspend the law, thus upholding a lawsuit brought by the US President Joe Biden-Texas government immediately challenging that decision.

The so-called heartbeat law, which bans most abortions in Texas, has been in effect since the beginning of September. Abortion is prohibited once the fetal heartbeat is determined. This can be the case as early as the sixth week of pregnancy. Not many women know yet that they are pregnant at this point.

The US government must respond

What is unusual about the regulation is that it enables individuals to take civil action against anyone who assists a woman with an abortion. The US government referred to them as “bounty hunters”, as all people who assist a woman in an abortion in any way can be prosecuted by private individuals.

The New Orleans Court of Appeals has now asked the US government to respond by Tuesday while the Texas appeal continues. The dispute could eventually end in the US Supreme Court.

“This is deeply concerning — and for millions of people in Texas, it creates confusion and inconsistency in access to abortion,” the civil rights organization ACLU said.

The recent ruling by the New Orleans Court of Appeals was not surprising – the court had previously allowed the law to go into effect.