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Court Lady Olga often appeared on TV!

Court Lady Olga often appeared on TV!

In the movie “Bauer, single, sucht” Olga is looking for love. This isn’t the first time she’s appeared in a dome show.


The basics in brief

  • Mrs. Olga is Swiss of Russian descent and lives in Spain.
  • This is not the first time that the landlady has been looking for love in front of the camera.

lady waiting olga Karl (50) came all the way from Marbella, Spain for Karl’s single “Bauer, single, sucht” (50).

The beautiful stewardess of a horse must seem familiar to many viewers – the 40-year-old is a real “realistic serial comet”.

Among other things, the owner of the horse has already looked at several times Vox series “First Dates”. the size the love. At the time with dark hair.

A Swiss woman with Russian roots describes herself online as a model and artist. As she reveals to, she currently makes her money primarily from her horses. Borrow animals for a wedding or take fashion photos.

Are you going to do a reality show?

“Farmer, bachelor, looking for” – Olga loves reality TV

Reality TV is a kind of part-time job for Olga, whom she loves very much. “I think it’s funny and I enjoy being on TV,” says the 40-year-old. She enjoys being in front of the camera.

She is not the only “TV Tourist” taking part in the dome show. Candidate Brigitte (51) from Germany was already in RTL– A fan of “The Son’s Wife Wanted” program.

This raises the question: is participation in “Bauer, single, sucht” related to work only or are women really looking for a man for life? Olga explains: “I can certainly imagine going back to Switzerland for the right man. I wouldn’t have to change much in my life for that either.”

Carl the farmer So don’t lose hope yet.

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