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Court aides: Car manager Ghosn escaped from Japan

Court aides: Car manager Ghosn escaped from Japan

It reads like a commercial crime story script: former auto manager Carlos Ghosn’s escape from Japan. About a year and a half ago, the manager, who was said to have embezzled the company’s capital in Renault-Nissan, fled from Osaka to Lebanon in a suitcase. As of today, his American American aides are on trial in Tokyo.

Father and son plans an amazing escape

A 60-year-old former elite US Army soldier and his 28-year-old son have been charged. It is said that both of them prepared an escape plan together. Father Michael T., who is now active in the private security services, is said to have traveled to Japan several times, according to the US attorney general, and met Ghosn there at least seven times. According to Japanese media, his son Peter is said to have received 144 million yen (just under 1.1 million euros) from the Ghosn family for help.

Escape in a suitcase on a private plane

Ghosn was flown in a suitcase normally used to transport musical equipment on a private plane from Osaka via Istanbul to Beirut at the end of 2019. The manager also holds Lebanese citizenship. He is still in Lebanon and is not allowed to leave the country. But Lebanon does not expel its citizens, which is why the Japanese judiciary cannot reach it.