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Country legend Dolly Barton celebrates the American National Holiday with a special outfit

American musician Dolly Barton

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American musician Dolly Barton

The 75-year-old is known for his love fairy tale. Now he surprised his fans with an Instagram post on July 4th called “Independence Day”.

Dolly Barton An event. Like the others, the 75-year-old brings out the absolute echoes obviously easily – one hundred percent reliability and not even trying to hide the numerous cosmetic surgeries. Folk music and sensible, rather liberal views. Glamor, Talent and Success – Barton wrote mega-hits “Jolene” or “I Will Always Love You”, which was later closed by Whitney Houston – and buried underground.

Now 75, the singer is also the god of Miley Cyrus, proving that you can be a patriotic American – but it National holiday But July 4th does not have to be a deadly serious and pathetic celebration. The country legend found a better way, and his countless fans loved it exceptionally well.

Dolly Barton celebrated July 4th in their own way

Barton shared a photo of himself on his Instagram account, in which he wears a leather tights and chin hat with rhinestones in the colors of the American flag. As always, the makeup fits exactly. The Outfit It’s a combination of the elegance of the 40s and the chin look of Fran Treasure on the sitcom “The Nanny”. As the scene greets fans, Dolly Barton’s message is short and warm: “Be happy and safe on July 4th.”

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Before Sierra Ferragni: The blatant transformation of the Instagram star



His fans are accustomed to Barton’s sociable eccentricity, exuberant charisma and self-contradiction – for which they love the 75-year-old. In addition, Barton has been socially committed for decades, repeatedly donating large sums to help with projects and speaking out for oppressed minorities. “A queen forever,” fans commented on Instagram. Or, “This is the July 4 content I want!” A user compiles it in one word: “Icon!”

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