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Costs in the cockpit: Lufthansa may introduce a new airline next week

Costs in the cockpit: Lufthansa may introduce a new airline next week

The German airline wants to significantly cut costs in the cockpit. Crews don’t like it. Lufthansa is considering setting up a subsidiary with lower staff costs.

Lufthansa is currently negotiating with the Vereinigung Cockpit trade union to pay for lower cockpit staff costs. Pilots for the primary brand should earn about 25 percent less in the long run. But in the event that the group cannot assert itself with this requirement, it has an alternative.

like the first Southgerman newspaper It stated that Lufthansa could create a new subsidiary airline with its own Air Operator Certificate (AOC). There you can fix low personnel costs from the start.

New subsidiary of feeder movement

The new airline will handle German and European domestic flights, and thus will carry out the feeder movement to the hubs in Frankfurt and Munich. Well-informed sources confirmed to the Aero-Telegraph Agency the existence of the plans.

Neither Lufthansa nor the cockpit association is currently commenting. However, it seems unlikely that the union will accept the required cuts.

Show next week?

The Lufthansa Executive Board will meet next Monday. On Thursday, March 3, the group will present the annual report for 2021. Even so, Lufthansa could lay out plans for a new subsidiary airline to the public, as can be heard.