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Costa Rica’s governing body appoints ambassador to Nicaragua – Prinza Latina

“The decision to appoint an ambassador to Nicaragua is in response to assessments of a geopolitical order, facility and opportunity,” the State Department said in a statement.

“In fact, it is considered appropriate to define a representative at the highest level in the neighboring country (Nicaragua) so that Costa Rica maintains full diplomatic relations, with the intention of having the appropriate tools to make decisions.”

The Foreign Ministry points out that Vargas, who has been a ministry official since 1981, entered diplomatic life on 13 May 1993 and served as ambassador.

He holds a Masters Degree in Diplomacy from the University of Costa Rica, a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Education in Science from a Notary Public and Distant State University (UNET) at Central University, he is currently referring to Costa Rica’s Ambassador to the Dominican Republic.

Among the positions held are those of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including the Director General of the Foreign Service, the Alternative Director of International Cooperation, the Head of the Embassy, ​​Manuel Maria de Peralta, the Training Coordinator of the Foreign Service, and the Head of the Department of Immunology and Privileges. Directorate of Protocol and State Ceremony and Embassy in Los Angeles, California.

Similarly, Vargas has coordinated official delegations and participated in negotiation processes within the framework of joint commissions and bilateral political consultations, events of the Central American Coordinating Organization (SICA) and other forums for political dialogue and / or cooperation.

The Latin American and East Asia Cooperation Council, the Mesoamerica Project, the Ebero-US General Secretariat and the community of Latin American and Caribbean states are some of the following.

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