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Cosmic tests: 3 zodiac signs must prove themselves starting Monday

Cosmic tests: 3 zodiac signs must prove themselves starting Monday

Sometimes fate is not in our favor and we have to show strength. Next week will be especially difficult for these three zodiac signs. Is your sign one of the unlucky signs this week?

#1 Aries

Your current sense of adventure makes you unpredictable. Although you seem interesting to potential dating partners, you act carelessly and without thinking. Jealousy and envy arise in a relationship. A clarifying conversation is necessary here.

You are currently a bit stressed at work. New tasks and complex people make your daily work more difficult.

Because of all the stress, you feel like you’re going easy right now. Now you should listen to your body’s signals and pay attention to yourself. With meditation and mindfulness exercises, you can regain your clear thoughts.

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#2 Leo

There are currently heated discussions in the relationship. You and your partner simply cannot see eye to eye. Starting Thursday, Venus can help you make things easier.

In your business, you currently know exactly what to do and where your expertise is needed. This will help you score points with your colleagues, but also with your boss. But you can’t really hold back financially right now. Be careful here!

Cosmic sentiment is a bit mixed right now. Sometimes you feel fit, sometimes you feel exhausted and drained. Try to take advantage of peak periods to give your body some exercise. At lower stages, you should also take a break and replenish yourself.

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#3 Aquarius

Single people currently have particularly high requirements. Nothing and no one seems to do them justice. Couples should now focus on good communication and clarifying conversations.

Things are stressful at work right now and you have to do your best. Your boss has high expectations of you, which leaves you in a state of constant stress. Your boss has high expectations that keep you constantly stressed. With proper organization, you can meet these expectations and possibly earn a raise.

This whole process costs you a lot of energy. That’s why you should now pay more attention to your needs and slow down. In order to be able to give full throttle again in the future, you need to give your body some rest.

An important note at the end: Of course every person is an individual and not everything that astrology says is always true. So let’s take it as a guide, not as an indisputable fact. Ultimately, it’s up to you what you make of your zodiac sign’s star constellations, typical personality traits, and predictions.