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Corsair integrates NVIDIA’s streaming capabilities into its own software

pirateWith the Broadcast app, NVIDIA offers a solution for live broadcasting, video chatting, and video conferencing with AI-powered audio and video effects. Corsair has now announced that core broadcast capabilities will be integrated into the Corsair iCUE and into the Elgato Wave Link and Elgato Camera Hub software.

Corsair and NVIDIA are collaborating on this. Compatible versions of iCUE and Elgato software solutions are available today. In the audio area, AI-assisted noise and echo suppression should ensure higher sound quality. NVIDIA Broadcast Effects runs on Tensor Cores for GeForce RTX GPUs and uses machine learning to separate user audio from surrounding noise. Room echo can also be improved.

For videos, the NVIDIA broadcast effects in the Elgato Camera Hub allow more background options. For example, the background can be blurred, replaced or removed. Compared to software solutions, AI-optimized filters should convince with better edge detection.

According to Corsair, the new effects in iCUE and Elgato software should be easy to use. If a suitable Corsair headset (all except HS75 XB WIRELESS) or ST100 headset mount is detected and GeForce RTX is present, iCUE will automatically suggest that you install the NVIDIA Audio Effects SDK. A downloadable audio plug-in is offered for Elgato Wave Link that integrates noise removal. Finally, in the Elgato Camera Hub (version 1.3 or higher) there is a new tab for Effects. This gives access to the new NVIDIA broadcast background effects.

Elgato also announced today that the Elgato HD60 X is the first capture card eligible for use with G-SYNC displays. The combination of the HD60 X and a G-SYNC-compatible display enables gaming and simulcasting with maximum 4K60 HDR and G-SYNC features.