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Corruption Index: Luxembourg ranked ninth

Corruption Index: Luxembourg ranked ninth

In a global comparison, Luxembourg remains one of the ten countries with the least corruption. This comes from that “Corruption Perceptions Index 2023” Which was published by Transparency International on Tuesday.

With 78 points out of a possible 100, Luxembourg achieved one point more than last year and, like Germany, ranks ninth. With a best score of 90 points, Denmark remained in the lead, followed by Finland, New Zealand and Norway.

Two-thirds of the 180 countries included in the study scored less than 50 out of 100 points. At the bottom of the list are countries suffering from crises, such as Syria, Venezuela, and Somalia. “Where the rule of law, independent media and civil society organizations are weakened, corruption flourishes,” explained Alexandra Herzog, president of Transparency, referring to Hungary. Under Viktor Orbán's leadership, the country has fallen to 76th place. This means that Hungary is in a worse position than any other country in the European Union.

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The annual Corruption Perceptions Index collects data and results from twelve independent institutions specializing in analyzing governance and economic climate. Sources include studies and surveys conducted by the Bertelsmann Foundation, the African Development Bank, and the World Economic Forum.