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Corona virus in Great Britain: riot in demos against vaccination certificates

About Half of the English Already has received the first Govt-19 vaccine, stores and pubs have recently opened Reopened. After the first loosening of the lock, more are scheduled for mid-May, with food and beverages being allowed to sell again in closed rooms. In addition, a health passport will be introduced, which will enable you to travel without being isolated for vaccination or cured leave. According to the Johnson administration’s current “road map”, a complete relaxation of all restrictions is scheduled for June 21.

Nevertheless, clashes between police and protesters erupted on Saturday during protests against corona security measures in central London. Open-air meetings with more than 30 participants are currently prohibited. In the case of demonstrations, exceptions are possible after the risk assessment

Large parts of the demonstration consisted of anti-vaccine and anti-corona protesters, among others who did not wear safety masks during the event and did not keep a safe distance. According to media reports, spectators and masked passersby were insulted by the crowd.

Many protesters carried banners and posters denying the introduction of the vaccine card. Others called it “give the flu a chance” or “magnify the influenza again.” Pierce Corbyn and Lawrence Fox, two of the four anti-lockout candidates running in the mayoral election in May, marched with thousands.

There are also pictures of people comparing the vaccine certificate சமூக David Star with on social networks:

The police tried to disperse crowds in Hyde Park protests continued till evening.

Sea ்ட Guardian Five people were arrested for throwing bottles at police officers, and eight officers were injured in the riot. Two officers were treated for head cuts or fractures, and no one was seriously injured.