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Corona inflation: Prices in the United States are rising faster than they have in eight and a half years

Consumer prices are being pulled United States The rate continued to rise – the rate in March was the first time in a long time that the central bank’s inflation target was above two percent. It is even clearer: The Swelling According to the Ministry of Labor, it rose to 2.6 percent Washington Announced.

Prices rose 0.6 percent compared to February – the largest increase since August 2012. In other words, they have risen stronger than the good eight and a half years in the United States.

Inflation rose to 2.6 percent in February from 1.7 percent in February.

Experts expect the US inflation rate to rise to more than three percent in the coming months. One reason for this is a statistical effect: a year ago, prices were lower due to the corona recession. “This development is causing concern in many places,” VP said. Said Thomas Kitzel, the bank’s chief economist. “The fear is that the inflation dam has now been broken with the help of fiscal and monetary policy.”

Air tickets are significantly more expensive

More inside Germany There was inflation Has already increased strongly recently. According to experts, inflation could reach two percent from the middle of the year. This is supported by the fact that many people in the Corona crisis have spent less on many things such as travel, restaurants or events. It can be created at least partially.

The Federal Reserve Fed Critically follows the progress made in his country. Its goal is not only full employment, but also a fixed price. However, the corona supports the crisis-stricken economy with $ 120 billion a month in injection, which is also driving inflation.

US inflation rose to more than two percent for the first time since February 2020 at the central bank. In particular, according to Kitzel, significantly higher oil prices compared to the previous year had an impact on inflation – but all of the prices that fell following the first corona wave, like air tickets.

Some economists fear that a loose monetary policy will not only drive growth but also inflation. The central bank has not yet seen such risks. In addition, price growth is considered to be subject to fluctuations due to corona effects.