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Corona: a new study!  Sunlight limits virus spread - UV light reduces the R value by as much as 0.65 percent

Corona: a new study! Sunlight limits virus spread – UV light reduces the R value by as much as 0.65 percent

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Fewer Coronavirus Cases, More Freedom: Memories of Summer 2020 raise anticipation. A new study shows the effect of sunlight on corona viruses.

Early in January, a team of American, French and British researchers was able to prove that UV light can limit the spread of coronaviruses. The more UV rays, the lower the rate at which it diffuses von Covid-19: This is how the study result can be summarizedThose who examined the effect of environmental conditions such as temperature or UV rays on the corona epidemic. At the time, the researchers compared climate conditions and Covid-19 cases from 3,235 regions in 173 countries. “We found that ultraviolet (UV) rays have a statistically significant effect on the daily prevalence rates of Covid-19,” as stated in the specialist portal PNAS Published study.

A new British study reached similar results. As part of their analysis, the research team from the University of Liverpool was led by Kieran Sharkey How does the average number of people infected with someone with coronavirus – also known as the R value – change due to the higher UV rays. Quotes: “Ten kilojoules of extra UV rays per square meter reduces R by 0.05” Spiegel Researchers.

Sunlight reduces the R value by as much as 0.65

Their work was based on R values, which were measured in 359 cities with more than 500,000 residents in 43 countries. How He gets out of schoolUV rays were between 30 and 130 kJ per square meter. She said sunlight can reduce the R value by about 0.15 to 0.65. A low value, however, can have enormous impacts on the infection process.

Without any countermeasures and as long as the community is largely immune, the R-value of Sars-CoV-2 is about three, like this Spiegel looking at. 100 people infected with corona infect an average of 300 others. If this value decreases by 0.5, for example, due to high UV alone, then it is only 250. However, the researchers point out that UV rays alone are not sufficient to prevent the virus from spreading significantly. Just interwoven different scales Like the Coronavirus vaccine, good hand hygiene and keeping your distance between the two of you will help control the epidemic. (GG)

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