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Corbinian Holzer looks at the duel against the United States

Corbinian Holzer looks at the duel against the United States

With a 1:2 bankruptcy against world champions Finland, the German team received their next Ice Hockey World Cup setback after 2:3 against Kazakhstan on Wednesday.

“It was a quick and good match. Finland was our strongest opponent in the tournament so far. We found our way well and played well. Unfortunately it was not enough, but the performance went in the right direction. We have to build,” Korbinian Holzer analyzed in Sports 1.

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The last confirmation – especially in the attack zone – was missing, so the defender was missing.

“The Finns did a good job, and they bothered us with the build. It took that momentum from us to play our quick game. They also blocked a lot of shots. We only had 13 shots and then you have a hard time getting the points level in the final third it was a small mistake that Make the difference,” said Holzer, who drew 1-1 against Finland in the 28th minute.

Holzer looks forward after Finland’s bankruptcy

For the DEB team, which started with three World Cup wins, this was the second defeat in a row. However: “Not much has changed for us. We are looking from game to game. And it worked out really well in the first three games,” said the KHL Corps.

It was an unfortunate defeat against Kazakhstan. “We should have scored there. We took a step in the right direction against Finland and improved further.”

Of course, the disappointment after the defeat against the world champion was great. But the German team quickly turned its sights to the future: “It’s a fast-paced tournament with many matches in a short time. You have to transfer your emotions from one match to the next. It won’t be any different tomorrow,” said Holzer. .

Furthermore: “We have made a good start in the tournament and with nine points we have a good starting position that needs to be confirmed. We still have two tough matches ahead. Against Latvia, the crowd will probably be allowed again. It will be exciting again. We will go out and try to play our game. Then We have a good chance to put in a good performance and reach the quarter-finals.”

Germany defied the United States

The next German opponent is the United States. “They have played the World Cup very well so far,” Holzer explained. “It will be important to find our strength and put our game on the ice.” (2021 Ice Hockey World Cup, Group B: Germany-USA, Monday from 3pm Sports 1 On Free TV and Live Streaming)

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The 33-year-old explained what it would be like: “You can see that a team is on the ice. They come quickly, they have good people in defense and in attack. They don’t have a star. It will be a tough match. We have to face that and use our chances and be stable in defence.”

Until then, it is important that “we recover. Tomorrow we will attack again. Then it will be all about that and scoring.”

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