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Cora Schumacher was keen on Marc Terenzi

Actress Jenny Elvers (49) and musician Mark Terenzi (43) are a happy couple. The two fell in love with each other in Thailand while filming the Saturday 1 show “Club der Gute Mood.” However, Elvers was not able to win over her new friend without any competition. Cora Schumacher (45), the ex-wife of racing driver Ralph Schumacher (46), was also watching the American, as a production staff member of the “Bild” show revealed: “Cora was also keen on Mark and calculated the chances.”

But in the end, the chemistry was right between Terenzi and Elvers. This may have led to a bad mood between the two women. Mark chose Jenny. Since then there has been a dense atmosphere between the ex-wife of Ralph Schumacher (46) on the one hand and Jenny and Mark on the other,” the insider continues.