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Cooked Out: Five restaurants owned by celebrity TV chef Stephen Hensler are bankrupt

Cooked Out: Five restaurants owned by celebrity TV chef Stephen Hensler are bankrupt

TV Chef Stephen Hensler: Five of his restaurants are bankrupt.

Henning Kaiser/DPA

Celebrity TV chef Stephen Hensler is a pressure cooker among German restaurateurs. Now the hamburgers have to simmer: five of its restaurants have been forced to declare bankruptcy.

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  • Five sushi restaurants owned by famous TV chef Stephen Hensler have been forced to declare bankruptcy.
  • Stephen Henssler is known from the TV shows “Grill den Henssler”. He cooks against celebrity chefs – with good reviews.
  • Stephen Hensler is Germany's first sushi master. Hanseatic won the lottery and pampered himself by training at the California Sushi Academy in Los Angeles.

“Grill den Henssler” star Steven Henssler is also a well-known restaurateur in Germany.

But now Germany's first sushi maker has to produce smaller maki and nigiri.

He writes that five of his restaurants have filed for bankruptcy «».

The following food projects were affected: “GO by Steffen Henssler Delivery & Events GmbH”, “GO Sushi & Delivery München GmbH”, “GO Sushi & Delivery Frankfurt GmbH” and “S&M GO GmbH”, the German daily newspaper learns. GO Sushi & Delivery Berlin GmbH had already filed for bankruptcy before the Hamburg District Court at the beginning of May.

Now lawyer Dr. Andreas Kleinschmidt takes a closer look at insolvency proceedings in Frankfurt. The lawyer is considering, among other things, restructuring options.

Will Stephen Hensler tell you more about this on his podcast soon? Very possible. A request from Bild newspaper for more information has not yet been responded to.

Happiness in love

In his private life, Stephen Hensler (51) is said to be on cloud nine. wrote that the TV chef had found love. Hensler is said to have secretly married yoga teacher Anna, 42, in 2018 and become a father for the third time.

A wave of bankruptcies hits German restaurants

Steven Hensler is not the only German restaurateur navigating difficult waters.

Celebrity chef Alfons Schubeck in Munich lost his culinary empire and ended up in prison.

TV chef Hans-Jörg Bachmeier is also forced to close his famous Munich restaurant “Pim Sedlmayer” due to personal bankruptcy, and 14 employees lose their jobs.

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