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tesla model-y performance texas transporter

Conveyor with the new Tesla Model Y in all colors near the Texas plant>

In Germany and the USA, the official start signal for the production of the Tesla Model Y at the newly built giant factories is imminent, and the project in Texas, which began later, may now have a head start. Both have already been produced on a test basis, as evidenced by the new Model Y that has always been on the site in question. But only for them Tesla owns a factory in his new home in Texas I recently mentioned an expected start of deliveries this quarter—and now a Model Y performance truck in different colors has been spotted out there, which may be for early customers (see photo).

Model Y with protective films near the Texas plant

Near the German Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin, observers have photographed at least one truck with a Model Y Performance, which appears to have come from the factory. This was later confirmed, because such an electric car with the Munich license plate and VIN, which reveals its German origin, Spotted outside a Tesla service center in Norway. However, it is also clear that these vehicles may not be sold because the Gigafactory has not yet received approval to do so.

At the Gigafactory in Texas, on the other hand, only the “final certification” of the Model Y produced there was still pending at the end of January, CEO Elon Musk said on the fourth-quarter business numbers conference call. Musk announced that this will be given away very soon, and then deliveries to customers will begin as well — according to Senior Vice President of President Drew Baglino in the first quarter. And on Monday, local observer Jeff Roberts may have spotted concrete preparations for it. Because at least on some of the Y models, which he now photographed on the conveyor near his new US factory, protective films were noticeable, and they certainly aren’t necessary for transportation to, say, a crash test.

Like the truck was in Texas Model Y in white, black, blue, red, gray Loaded, i.e. in everything that is currently and likely to also exist in a slightly modified form in the future. This suggests that the preparations in this plant are longer than in the German plant. So far it appears that the Model Y has been produced in black and white in particular. Serial production at Grünheide is said to begin with these two colors and only in this top version. On the other hand, in front of the Gigafactory in Texas, several blue Y Long Ranges have already been seen before. So it would be conceivable for Tesla to start the full scale right away.

Tesla moves to 4,680 cells impending

After the Transporter message from Roberts, buyers with upcoming delivery dates verified their PIN immediately by Tesla for their Model Y. Received, but at first no one could see the A for Austin in it. So the first customers to get a Model Y from the new plant in Texas aren’t expected to celebrate in the next few days, but it looks like the time is approaching.

At the same time, Tesla will take a big technical step forward. Because, as CEO Musk emphasized at his fourth-quarter conference, The Model Y in Texas is already equipped with the new 4680 format cell batteries produced, through which it can become part of the supporting structure. The German Model Y, on the other hand, will, until further notice, receive a 2,170-cell battery pack, as used on the Model 3 and Model Y, from the main plant in Fremont and from the Giga plant in China.