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Convert Arch Package to AppImage

Convert Arch Package to AppImage

Tuesday, September 6, 2022, Ralph Hersl

Why do you want to convert an Arch package to an AppImage? The package probably does not exist for a specific distribution, but it should be used there. No programming knowledge is required for conversion, because the task is semi-automated by script arch2appimage It was completed.

Installation is done as follows:

git clone
cd arch2appimage
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Then run the script with this command:


The script loads a list of AUR packages from which an application can be selected for conversion. However, you must know the name of the application. For example, I used GNOME Calculator (GNOME Calculator):

Convert any Arch linux package (official/AUR) to AppImage!!
Loading Chaotic AUR package list...
Enter the name of the package (leave empty to quit)
[?] >>: gnome-calculator

Now it’s about answering a few simple questions or making a decision:

  • app icon
  • Download more recent dependencies
  • Add more packages
  • new construction
  • Remove Application Directory

If you are not sure, you can answer “No” to all the questions. After the successful conversion, the AppImage is in the subdirectory /Outside. In my example, the file exists gnome calculator x86_64which can be operated by double-clicking.