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Controversial Termination Rule - Waiting in Line for Hours and No Reach - News

Controversial Termination Rule – Waiting in Line for Hours and No Reach – News


With Sunrise and UPC, you can only cancel by phone or chat. But this is sometimes difficult or even impossible.

It has caused discussions for a long time, about the rule of some communication providers such as Sunrise and UPC that you can only cancel by phone or via a chat function, but no longer in writing. The law does not contain any formal requirements for communications contracts, but there are legal experts who describe this clause as “unusual and offensive”:

Two examples available for the consumer magazine SRF “Espresso” show that the base is also very unfriendly with customers. A family is moving from Aargau and would like to move to another breadwinner in their new place of residence. They want to give timely notice at the end of November. You can’t type in writing, so try over the phone.

Kafka’s positions

“After all, we gave up about four hours,” the father recalls. I had clicked the cancellation hotline as indicated and waited and waited there. No one accepted their notice of termination. In the new contracts department, someone quickly lost weight. But even there they were only sent back to the termination department. They also didn’t get any more chat.

Then I was told by email and in a post that I had to cancel by phone or chat

A UPC client from Basel had a similar experience: a UPC representative sent her a new contract, although she explicitly only asked for an offer. She wants to cancel the contract, but she also can’t communicate on the phone or chat. You tried this with a registered letter of resignation. “Then I was informed by email and in the mail that I had to cancel by phone or chat,” says the UPC client. Kafka mode.

Sunrise/UPC: “Hotline and Chat Action”

Sunrise’s media office and UPC – both now affiliated with international media group Liberty Global – don’t want to know anything about an error in the system. The written response stated that the “Discharge and Chat hotline is up and running”.

Only at peak times can there be occasional jams in receiving calls or chats. But then you increase capabilities in the short term in order to improve accessibility. Sunrise customers, and soon also UPC customers, can request a call back.

Such a summons was also made to the family from the canton of Aargau. She waits until today. Since the required alternative provider is not yet available in your new accommodation, you are staying with Sunrise for the time being – for better or worse.

UPC client termination is finally accepted after running “Espresso”. Essentially, Sunrise/UPC wants to abide by the controversial termination clause.

Political headwinds

There are now political headwinds in the form of a move by SP national advisor Prisca Berer-Hemo, president of the Consumer Protection Foundation (SKS). There were also many complaints from disgruntled telecom customers. The movement aims to bring about a change in the law that prohibits service providers from restricting forms of termination.

The salt is crawling back

By the way, the communications company Salt is back. Written notice of termination could have been served there since November. At Swisscom, you can also cancel at their stores. This is not possible with Salt, Sunrise and UPC.

Ombudsman: “This is unreasonable.”

Open the chest
close the box

If you have problems with a telecom provider, you can contact Ombudscom Arbitration Panel heart *turn* face.

Ombudsman Oliver Seidler said at the request of the consumer magazine SRF “Espresso” that he had already mediated individual disputes over this termination clause – and that a solution had been found in each case. Er ist der Ansicht, dass Telekomanbieter auch schriftliche Kündigungen akzeptieren müssen von Kundinnen und Kunden, die am Telefon oder im Chat nachweislich nicht durchgekommen sind: «Es ist nicht dden zumitnä mutbar Kundin htn dden zumitnih Kundien ability. That is not the purpose of this tool.”