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contempt of court.  Trump has to pay a fine of $10,000 every day.

contempt of court. Trump has to pay a fine of $10,000 every day.

Former President Donald Trump missed a court deadline for filing documents. He now has to pay a fine every day for this. (archive photo)

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Two investigations into alleged criminal misconduct by Donald Trump are still ongoing in New York. In one case, the former president now has to pay a fine every day because he did not comply with the court order.

Former US President Donald Trump has been fined $10,000 a day for contempt of court in New York. Trump refused to hand over documents requested by the court Investigations into their business practices To comply, Judge Arthur Ingoron found Monday after a Manhattan hearing. Therefore, the ex-president now has to pay a fine for each day he does not submit the required documents. Mr. Engoron said, “Trump, I know you take your work very seriously and I take my work very seriously.”

The judge followed a request from Attorney General Letitia James. She had requested Trump’s trial for contempt of court after Trump missed a court-imposed March 31 deadline for filing documents.

Trump’s defense attorney: The move is inappropriate and misleading

Engoron described his ruling as reasonable because Trump and his lawyers failed to demonstrate that they had conducted a thorough search of the requested documents. Trump’s defense attorney, Alina Heba, responded by saying she had gone to great lengths to comply with the court’s request. Heba said she even traveled to Florida, where Trump is based, to specifically ask if he had any relevant documents. Therefore, the request for a declaration of contempt of court is unreasonable and misleading. Indeed, Trump complied, but there are simply no other documents he can still release.

The Investigations conducted by the Attorney General of New York He reportedly discovered evidence that the former president may have misrepresented the value of assets such as golf courses and skyscrapers over a period of more than a decade in his annual reports. The case revolves around whether the alleged misrepresentation of assets to lenders, tax authorities and others amounted to fraud — and if so, who committed the fraud.

Trump has long defended himself in court against the investigations by Democrat James, which he described as a politically motivated “witch hunt.” Initially, the former president’s spokesmen did not comment on the fine.

Another investigation into possible criminal misconduct by Trump is being conducted in parallel in New York, led by Manhattan Attorney General Alvin Bragg.

Trump incites supporters against investigators

After former US President Donald Trump verbally attacked investigators, concerns about the riots increased.


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