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Connectivity: Europe's best connected airports

Connectivity: Europe’s best connected airports

What European airports offer the most connections? Top 10 Connected Airports in Europe in 2022.

The pandemic has changed a lot in aviation. Airports that were once important have fallen behind in global comparison. Others suddenly pushed themselves to the top of the world. This is also reflected in the recent ranking of the best networked airports in the world. In other words, airports where international travelers have the most available transport connections.

Flight schedule data company OAG analyzed the number of theoretically possible connections from an international flight through an airport within six hours. The busiest day of 2022 was taken as a basis. Airports with fewer than 15 international flights are not included.

The United States is on top of the world

In the 2022 global list, twelve airports from the United States and one each from India (Delhi), Japan (Tokyo Haneda) and Mexico (Mexico City) are among the top 15. This is because they have a lot of international connections, but above all many local connections. Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth and Atlanta are at the top.

But what is the current situation in Europe? Which airport works well?

See the best connected airports in Europe for 2022 in the photo gallery above.