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confrontation!  "She is offended by Princess Kate and seeks revenge"

confrontation! “She is offended by Princess Kate and seeks revenge”

William is determined to free Harry from his marital hell

So it is fitting that a strategy should be pursued behind the thick palace walls To bring Harry home. The Cambridge trip to the US was also there for that. So Williams’ intention was to show his maverick brother: You can also attend such appointments in the name of the Crown and work for environmental protection.

40 years old determined To free Harry from his marital hell! While William did not have time to meet with his brother, he reportedly called him in between appointments. He wants Harry to return to England.

Even Pope Charles III. He will surely be glad if the youngest of them returns to the bosom of the family. Of course without Meghan, the royals agree. But the 41-year-old won’t be giving up on William, Charles & Co.:

It has now suffered some setbacks across Cambridge. But Megan is already plotting revenge.

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