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Confidence passed - Governor Newsom wins California power struggle

Confidence passed – Governor Newsom wins California power struggle

  • California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom remains in office.
  • According to CNN, ABC, and NBC forecasts, voters rejected the voting process.
  • A group of Republicans wanted Newsom removed from office. You criticize the 53-year-old for, among other things, his liberal immigration policy and strict anti-coronavirus regulations.

“I am grateful and humbled to the millions and millions of Californians who exercised their basic right to vote,” Gavin Newsom said in his victory speech Tuesday evening in the state capital, Sacramento.

The clear majority of the Democrats

Current Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have also been involved in the power struggle between supporters of former President Donald Trump and Democrats. Looking at Newsom’s rival, radio host Larry Elder, the president warned he doesn’t know anyone like Trump.

According to reports, Newsom has managed to win a clear majority for itself. Elder received about 43 percent of the vote on who should replace Newsom if he was removed, according to the New York Times. Republicans had amassed enough votes to vote no confidence in the 53-year-old Newsom. Among other things, they have benefited from growing criticism of school closures, mandatory masks and coronavirus vaccinations.

“Summary Procedure” in the USA

Open the chest
Close the box

In some US states, there is an option to vote for a governor early. It is extremely rare for a ruler to encounter such a measure. There are more attempts to initiate the voting procedure, but in most cases there is no voting because the obstacles are great. In US history, Newsom is the fourth governor to face such an “election by impeachment”.

It is rare for a ruler to be removed from office in this manner. This has happened only twice in the history of the United States – once in California: in 2003, Republican and film star Arnold Schwarzenegger jumped to the position of governor of the West Coast state through a “summon.” Schwarzenegger later won re-election and was in office until 2011. Since then, there has been no Republican governor in California.

The Democrat has been the state’s governor since early 2019. He was elected to the office for four years in 2018. His regular term ends in January 2023.

Imminent disaster averted

California is a Democratic stronghold. In the event of defeat, it was feared that it would affect the weak majority of Democrats in the US Congress. If Gavin Newsom had already lost office prematurely and been replaced by a Republican, it would have been a huge sensation and a disaster for the Democratic Party.

High-ranking party members even US President Joe Biden used their political heft to support Newsom in the election campaign. The defeat of the governor in the most populous and most politically important US state could have had far-reaching consequences for the Biden government.