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Conference League: Basel president David Degen speaks now


FCB coach David Degen is spending the winter in Europe.

Pleasant atmosphere at Vasken-Sarkisyan Stadium in Yerevan. 12,000 warm-blooded Armenians attack their team after Dan Ndwi’s expulsion. When the contact goes down, the boiler explodes. Mood by David Deggin.

As a player, he was already known for his feelings, and the 39-year-old was also in his position as club president. “It’s always great. To play in a foreign country under the floodlights,” says Degen after the final whistle. When asked if he insulted Nadwi after the joke was thrown out for an alleged ingestion, the Bayern owner replied: “Yes, just a moment. But then another movie came to my mind, because I know how hard it is to play away with ten players. That’s brutal.” Deggin says he expects more sensitivity from the referee. “Because it’s more of a penalty than a swallow.”