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Conference League: Austria loses the field in Poznan

Conference League: Austria loses the field in Poznan

Violet, who was clearly beaten at the end, has just one point after 0:0 against Hapoel Beersheba at the start. At the top of the group, Villarreal, the Spaniards have a maximum of six points after a 2-1 draw in Beersheba. Lech follows with three. Valencia’s trip is now on hold for Austria – who are already waiting ten European Cup matches to succeed. Austria will visit Villarreal on the 5th of October.

For Austria coach Manfred Schmid, the evening has already begun to take hold. In front of just over 20,000 spectators at the Euro 2012 Arena in Poznan, Schmid relied on trial and error. The same eleven started against Beersheba last week. Of those guys who won 3-0 at Hartburg this weekend, there were ten guys excluding Marvin Martins. In defense, Lucas Mull was supposed to jam the circles of Lech striker Isaac in a duel between two former Nuremberg professionals.

Austria defeated by Lech Poznan

Wiener Austria remains without a win on the second day of the conference tournament. In Lech Poznan the loss was 1: 4.

Austria started with ambition and tried its hand at lobbying, with partial success. Lech was immobilized, but the hosts almost typed from their first chance. Joao Amaral appeared alone in front of Christian Fruchtel after a perfect pass from Skouras, but he shot over the bar from a half-left position (14). Austria played a lot on the right with Reinhold Ranftl and Andreas Gruber. A counterattack paved Austria’s first big chance against Gruber. The right wing has a lot of space, but finished without damage (24th place).

Austria’s Quick Equation When Disability

She was troubled. At first it was Lech’s turn. Austria attacked hard in midfield and the spaces opened, Isaac was completely free after a pass from Amaral and didn’t give Fruchtel a chance. Whether the Swede started offside remains open. In the conference league, VAR technology is not used in the group. However, Austria immediately managed to get rid of the setback: Fischer cracked a space in the penalty area and saw Braunuder, who succeeded on the second attempt. 1:44 minutes fall between 1:0 and 1:1.

The Polish champions revealed more weaknesses in the defense and gave Austria the lead in the serving list. Left-back Pedro Rebucho failed to receive the ball and stopped in front of Dominic Fitz. The fouled man wanted to play, but after a short discussion Fischer grabbed the ball – and was unsuccessful in an unresolved attempt by Lech goalkeeper Philip Bednarek. Austria could not reward themselves for their good performance in the first half of the match.

Manfred Fischer (Austria Vienna) takes a penalty against Lech Poznan

Geba / Johannes Friedel

Manfred Fischer could have given Austria the lead with a penalty

Bossen takes advantage of Austria’s mistakes

Things became dangerous for Vienna soon after the sides switched. Isaac released Amaral, the Portuguese failed from a distance of eleven meters in the procession of Fruchtel (the forty-ninth). Long-distance runner Braunöder was on the verge of scoring his second European Cup goal (56) with a sharp cross pass, and Gruber just missed the far post (62). Austria played offensively, but were again indifferent in defence. Skoras had plenty of room on cross and completed a shot. Complaints about intrusion went unheeded, and Muhl was on a par with the wing.

Schmid brought new forces to the attack, but the “Joker” made the decision to Lech. Velde left space against Ranftl and defeated Früchtl. The Norwegian even followed through with a free kick at the end and therefore under clear circumstances.

Comments about the game:

Manfred Schmidt (Austria coach): “If you look at the performance in the first 75 minutes and then come to such a conclusion, it’s disappointing. Poznan was effective, they scored and we didn’t. For me there were two sticking points. The penalty and how we do it at 1 : 2, it shouldn’t happen. Then we made offensive changes, but it was over when we conceded the third goal.”

Dominic Fitz (Austria striker): “The defeat is very clear. I think we played better in the first half, got chances and established ourselves in front. After 1:2 we break into all parts and get goal after goal. We have to stop that, otherwise we will suffer from Bitter defeats. We defended carelessly, this should not happen to us.”

Conference League, Group C, second day of play


Lech Poznan – Austria 4:1 (1:1)

Pozna, Pozna Stadium, 20102 spectators, SR Kjaesgaard (DEN)

target sequence:
1-0 Isaac (27 minutes)
1:1 brownooder (29)
2-1 Skouras (64 minutes)
3-1 Felde (76 minutes)
4-1 Felde (90 minutes)

why: Bednarik – Pereira, Satka, Milic, Rebocho (46 / Douglas) – Karlstrom, Kvikevskyi (58 / Murawski) – Skouras, Amaral (69 / Marchwinsky), Simchak (58 / Velde) – Isaac (85 / Dagerstal)

Austria: Früchtl – Ranftl, Mühl, Galvao, Martins (77./Kreiker) – Braunuder, Netherlands (71./Teigl) – Gruber (77./Tabakovic), Fischer, Jukic (61./Huskovic) – Fitz (71./Keles) ))

Yellow Cards: Rebocho, Szymczak, Douglas, Bednarek or Gruber, Galvao, Braunöder

Best: Amaral, Skoras or Braunöder, Gruber