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Confederate and teacher Marcel Pierre in a brutal wreath crisis

Not even class camp helps

Professor Perry’s crisis is getting worse

Once again, Marcel Berry (27) left disappointed. The Central Swiss Confederation is missing a wreath at its subsidiary League festival. A scary draw for the course this season.

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Updated: 10:31 PM

On the top They are in the middle of Switzerland with Joel Wiki And Bermaine Richmouth more than adequately cast. But what’s behind it? Who could step into the hack for the two? One or the other of the forces in existence is in a creative crisis.

A notable example is Marcel Berry (27). The Swiss from Zug, who started the season late with a hamstring injury, missed out on winning the wreath at Stoos, Schwarzsee and the Northeast Switzerland Wrestling Festival. The week before the Swiss Central Wrestling Festival, the teacher stayed with his sixth-graders at a row camp. Turn off your head was the motto. Hiking instead of swing training. Results? sober.