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Conditions: Lufthansa reinforcements cause problems in Switzerland

Conditions: Lufthansa reinforcements cause problems in Switzerland

The Swiss airline is hiring temporary flight attendants from Lufthansa because they do not have enough of their own. The payment is causing problems for some Swiss cabin employees.

who – which The working atmosphere in Switzerland has been tense for months. After eliminating 1,700 full-time jobs, the remaining employees often have to do more — sometimes for less money. This causes frustration to many.

The cabin crew is also unhappy. Because Switzerland currently has relief measures such as reducing flight schedules or reducing services Still not enough hostess. In order to further defuse the problem, around 70 Lufthansa fellow airliners will be assisting the Swiss national airline for a nine-month period starting in July and will be deployed on short and long-haul routes.

Lufthansa colleagues in the advantage?

“We have already received the first requests,” a Swiss spokesperson said. The airline has agreed to a temporary solution with cabin consortium Kapers. However, it causes problems for the Swiss crew.

Because in the eyes of some Swiss cabin crews, the reinforcements from Germany are treated better than they are. It is said, for example, that their wages are barely sufficient for a living, or that they would not work without a second job. Because the terms of reinforcement from Germany pushed some to the worsening of the Swiss situation.

Switzerland: equality, no improvement

Lufthansa flight attendants receive a Swiss employment contract from Switzerland for a maximum period of nine months, in which their years of service are taken into account. In addition, they are provided with a room and they also receive a special sum of 500 francs per month (480 euros) for the “extra expenses”.

According to a Swiss spokesperson, it is in no way about improving the position of Lufthansa colleagues, but about equality. “Average health insurance premiums, Social Security contributions, and cleaning costs, among other things, were taken into account when calculating the additional payment,” he explains. Providing housing is necessary because it is a temporary assignment. “Therefore, it cannot be assumed that the place of residence will be transferred to Switzerland.”