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Concerns over energy shortages: Britain considers coal-fired power plants to be long-running

Worried about lack of energy
The UK considers the long-term operation of coal-fired power plants

The government in London is considering running three coal-fired power plants and a nuclear power plant for a long time, considering fears of an energy shortage in the coming winter.

“It is natural for us to see a wide range of options to ensure our energy and supply security,” government sources in London said on Monday. Energy Minister Kwazi Quarteng called the operators Three last coal power plants The country to make them work. The closure was originally planned for September. Trox, which operates the largest coal-fired power plant, had already announced in September that it could continue to operate the plant to maintain power supply.

Great Britain has long wanted to get rid of Russia without coal, oil and gas. However, if Russia further cuts gas supplies to Europe, six million UK households could be affected by power outages, according to The Times’ report on peak winter consumption.

The government in London decided last week to introduce a special tax on the profits of oil companies in favor of poor families. In addition, he recently unveiled a new strategy that deals with the expansion of renewable energy, but also investments in oil use from the North Sea.